Kids who play sports seem to always be hungry.

You're always looking for foods that are nutritious, whole and unprocessed to feed their growing bodies. Lately, the amount of sugar that I see so many of our kids eating have been concerning us

It mostly comes in the form of sugary sports drinks or soft drinks however kids should drink water before, during and after sport activities.

I am no fan of sugary sports drinks a good isotonic can easily be made at home!

NB: A typical 16ounce bottle of Gatorade, there is 28 grams of sugar!

Children and teenagers who regularly drink soft drinks and other sweetened drinks are more likely to be overweight. Drinking water is the best way to quench your thirst.

Even better, it doesn’t come with all the sugar found in fruit juice drinks, soft drinks and sports drinks.

What about the snacks?

Well, the typical snack for a child athlete is usually chips, cookies or doughnuts. That is over and above the recommended amount of sugar and calories needed by children 8-17 years old.

A typical 8year old could burn about 150 calories in 1 hour.

Yet, we feed them a snack that has about 500-800 calories per treat! I believe this is one of many reasons we see so many overweight and obese children.

One thing that you can do on an individual level is to be someone to set the trend in changing these choices. YOU be the one to propose healthy fruit and low sugar juice or water in place of the high calorie, low nutrient snack. After all, their eating habits now will affect them later in life. There will most certainly come a time in anyone’s life that they will be tired of the traditional snacks and start to crave for something healthy light and easy on the stomach and yet delicious and satiating Good life promotes mindful snacking, a healthy range of snacks designed to deliver sufficient energy to pull them through without hunger pangs setting in.

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