For many, a good protein diet is key to a healthy lifestyle Protein has officially busted out of Gyms and is free from its “do you even lift, bro” stigma.

In doing so, it has broken free from the bar, as well.

That’s the nutrition bar, until now the most popular format for protein-supplemented CPG outside of powders.

But as that need for protein has grown, so has the industry’s recognition that protein’s new consumers eat differently than its stereotypical, bicep curling consumers of the past. Cue the creation of protein snacking: bites, balls and formats in between.

“The ball/cluster innovation is interesting however because it is a new format, but they really fill the same need as the bars do: convenient, healthy snacking That’s not to say protein bars are unpopular: it’s a market that’s expected to record a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8 percent from 2017-2022, according to market data from Persistence Market Research.

So why move into other formats?Such as PROTINOS Well for starters, it’s what consumers want.

Mintel’s Nutrition and Performance Bar report showed that while the bar category has grown at a steady pace for five years, only six in 10 adults reported having purchased any type of bar in the past three months. Meanwhile, about a quarter of consumers surveyed also wanted to see more innovation in varied formats: bites, balls or just mini bars.

Part of this desire stems from a shift in protein-based snack consumption. Once a nicheproduct, targeting athletes, protein snacks are now marketed as “wellness” products targeting mainstream consumers.

These shoppers don’t necessarily need or want an entire bar’s worth of product and want more control of exactly how much protein they’re consuming such as PROTINOS where we serve only 10 grams of protein in a 50gram pack.

The bites sized nugget innovation is interesting however because it is a new format, but they really fill the same need as the bars do: convenient, healthy snacking.

“The trend of personalized nutrition is huge right now, with consumers focused on getting the right amount of protein based on their activity level, fitness goals, and individual characteristics,” Siren Snacks co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Giannuzzi said.

The form factor also allows consumers to feel like they have more snacking choices, according to Eric Shen, CEO of Bite Fuel.

We at Good life don’t think there is anything wrong with the protein bar. It has been around for over 50 years, but was mainly used by bodybuilders who couldn’t get a high protein meal ready at any time of the day. The only thing is that there are so many different protein bars in the grocery or nutrition stores that consumers have too many options.

I believe absolutely we will pick up new consumers that don’t eat sweets at all, being an on-the-go occasion [for them] when they want something that is sustainable for a few hours.

We think all of our current fan base are functional consumers, too, because they inherently appreciate the quality of our indulgence. They are also functional foods, right? So this is just another day occasion for them to enjoy something with a hit of protein.”

Bites also give brands and consumers the ability to experiment with unique flavors because they don’t see the small format as a large commitment and we thought it was “more friendly” and “more fun.”It’s just another way to attract more consumers seeking clean ingredients to the bite.

Most protein bars are not delicious and in the past people have just accepted the fact that most protein bars taste nasty. Today, people want a clean ingredient list, quality nutrition, and great tasting snacks all in one and if you can make fun, even better PROTINOS is the Energy-Boosting Snack that combines a Better Nutrition Plan that meets the needs of the active generation ,Quality Quantity Nutrient balance and anytime of the day frequency.