Ideal Kids' Protein Snacks

Since children get a good chunk of their calories and nutrition from between-meal grubbing you got to be ready with a stash of healthy protein snacks for your kids.

GOODLIFE PROTINOS get the metabolism revving and your concentration going. Small bites that add a big punch any time you feel the need to get a pick up snack for your kids

GOODLIFE PROTINOS have 10 grams of Protein in each 50 grams pack It is important for growth and it's also filling, so its calories are doing double duty (and it'll give you a few extra minutes before kids are asking for their next snack).

Protein is an essential building block of the body. All of our cells and most of our body fluids contain protein.

The body uses protein to repair cells and to make new ones.

So we need to replenish our protein supplies continually through food.

This is especially important in childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy when the body is working extra hard to grow strong and healthy.

Proteins are made up of 22 different amino acids. Our bodies can only produce about half of them (13 amino acids). The rest, we have to get from food. These essential amino acids are found in animal proteins, such as meat, eggs, and dairy products (called complete proteins).

Vegetarians or vegans can get them by combining two or more incomplete proteins from plant sources: beans, peas, nuts, seeds, and grains. Soybeans are the exception—they are a plant-based complete protein.

We at Good life created a healthy plant based vegetarian protein paired snack that gives all the goodness of nuts seeds grains and fruits in a bite sized snack.

Enjoy PROTINOS its guilt free snacking