About us : Our simple value system

  • Goodlife is not about us. It about all of us.
  • The reason we expect loyalty and bonding from all our stake holders is because of our values. We strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional experience
  • Hence are values are based on “ Creating a Good life for all
  • Goodlife is based on a simple idea: make good things happen for all.
  • Goodlife is about leading a well balanced life of inclusiveness and togetherness in good times and in tough times supporting each other and looking out for each other.

Good life : Mission and Vision

  • Our vision : Good life for all . lets spread the power of optimism.
  • Our mission is to inspire a healthier way of life, by connecting people to real food that’s simple delicious and naturally nutritious.
  • Built on solid foundations : we are a family business , with strong family values even our friends are members of our family. Our core team consists of people with global food and beverage business working in top management : our top tier talent have experience in working and driving business strategies for some of the best international brands